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An essential tool providing intelligence to regulatory, quality and safety experts around the world.

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OrchTel Features

Real Time Intelligence made easy.

Access OrchTel to get comprehensive, global, and expertly-analysed information that spans all regulatory functions across the R&D lifecycle.
We possess over 150,000 global reference documents that have been structured and tagged with almost a dozen English metadata. Our innovative monitoring system constantly searched the globe for the latest updates, adding around 1000 new documents per week.
Data and Technology are nothing without the domain expertise to steer the ship. This is why we have spent an enormous amount of time in building are large network of local experts from over 70 countries. Our experts validate the database and maintain our Expert Dossiers.
We have developed a cutting-edge, AI infused global monitoring system and continually sharpen our blade to deliver our users actionable insights. On top of this, we posses innovative AI, NLP and Machine Learning technology to assist our users cutting through the noise
Global Coverage

Discover our expert network

Our network of global experts meticulously maintain almost 3,000 comprehensive, topic-based summaries to supplement our vast document registry and monitoring infrastructure.

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What our clients are saying

User friendly, easy on the eye and a good tool to assist my regulatory intelligence needs.

Hailey Blair
Regulatory Affairs

It covers almost all the Regulatory regions and Health Authorities and is updated frequently.

Toby McGregor
GMP Consultant

Slick and more features are being added all the time. Translated metadata is very helpful.

Yua Sato
Pharma Consultant
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An essential tool providing intelligence to regulatory, quality and safety experts around the world.
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