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Established in 2020

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Democratising Regulatory Intelligence as a Service.

A Simple and Smart Tool to help you Navigate Regulatory Compliance

OrchTel has removed the heavy lifting of finding and analysing regulatory information so you can focus on critical decisions.

Global Regulatory Database
Detailed Expert Dossiers
Dynamic Country Dashboards

OrchTel in a nutshell

OrchTel helps you get the exact intelligence that matters to you: when you need it, wherever you need it from. It helps you make data-informed decisions to achieve and maintain compliance.

We use cutting edge techniques to unearth data with our hybrid ‘Smart Crawler’ and Data Analyst Networks from over 1,000 publishers, This data is then indexed and augmented using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and our in-house editorial team. The 150 strong OrchTel Global Expert Network regularly validates the database and also maintain 1000s of detailed summaries covering all regulatory functions across R&D lifecycle.


We possess over 150,000 global reference documents that have been structured and tagged with almost a dozen English metadata. Our innovative monitoring system constantly searched the globe for the latest updates, adding around 1000 new documents per week.


Data and Technology are nothing without the domain expertise to steer the ship. This is why we have spent an enormous amount of time in building are large network of local experts from over 70 countries. Our experts valiates the database and maintain our Expert Dossiers.


We have developed a cutting-edge, AI infused global monitoring system and continually sharpen our blade to deliver our users actionable insights.

On top of this, we posses innovative AI, NLP and Machine Learning technology to assist our users cutting through the noise

Established in 2020

Why choose OrchTel

At OrchTel, we are building the most advanced cloud-based regulatory intelligence platform in the Life Science space to enable our users to push their innovation efforts with high-quality data from thousands of global sources.

Established in 2020

Democratizing Regulatory Intelligence and Insight.


We monitor hundreds of global organisations.


We Extract critical intelligence and updates.


We cleanse, enrich and translate into English.


You gain real-time insights and intelligence.

Who We Are

We are OrchTel

Here are some key people who keep the wheels turning at OrchTel. If you are interested in joining the team, please use the contact us page.

Mark Burke

CEO & Founder

Vikram Cirigiri


Becky White


Simin Ferrere